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Research Facilities
Dual Ion Beam Sputtering (DIBS) system:
High crystalline-quality deposition of semiconductors and dielectrics
DC magnetron sputtering system:
Desposition of metals for interconnects and electrode formation
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) system:
High-quality deposition of two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs)
Spin Coater:
Thin-film deposition technique in which material is grown by sol-gel and hydrothermal method
Digital Microscope:
Precise 2D and 3D morphological analysis of microstructures
Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM):
Morphological inspection at the atomic scale
Four Probe Hall Measurement System:
To measure: carrier concentration, type of doping, carrier mobility
Carrier Transport Measurement at Varied Temperature:
To measure: carried dynamics at different ambient temperature
Gas and VOC Sensor Set-up:
Resistive and capacitive sensitivity measurement set-up
Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP):
Rapid thermal annealing under various gas atmoshphere
De-ionized Water:
Remove particulates > 0.5 micron, ions, organics and bacteria
Conductivity upto 1 uS/cm
Convection Oven:
Temperature range: Upto 300 oC
Fumehood with Blower:
To perform: Wet chemical processing
Glove box:
To perform: Wet chemical processing and sample storage in Ar atmosphere
Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer:
The Semiconductor parametric analyzer, delivers synchronizing current-voltage (I-V), capacitance-voltage (C-V) and ultra-fast pulsed I-V measurements
Annealing Furnace:
To perform: Annealing (up to 1000 oC) under vacuum or gas atmosphere
Variable-angle, Variable-wavelength Spectroscopic Ellipsometry:
To measure: transmission, reflection, thickness, optical properties of materials
Solar Simulator System:
To measure: VOC, ISC and PCE of solar cells at different temperature
Quantum Efficiency Measurement System:
To measure: A monolithic, turnkey solution for photovoltaic material and device spectral characterization including EQE and IQE
Cryogenic Vacuum Probe Station:
To measure: Device characteristics at different ambient conditions
Computational Work Station:
Device simulation such as Density Functional Theory, MOSFET, BJT, OFET, LED, Quantum well, Solar Cell, TFT, OTFT, OLED